Nota : Puisque la University of Toronto – Scarborough est une université anglophone, les renseignements qu'elle a fourni sont en anglais seulement.

Offers of Admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

All Ontario high school applicants are required to present six 4U/M courses, including 4U English, and all prerequisites.

A Supplementary Application Form (SAF) is required for Management, Co-op Management, Co-op Management & International Business, Co-op International Development Studies, Double Degree in Management & Finance and Statistics – Quantitative Finance Stream, Co-op Double Degree in Management & Finance and Statistics – Quantitative Finance Stream, and Paramedicine. Submit these forms as instructed before the specified deadlines. 

Interviews are required for consideration to Co-op Management & International Business and Co-op International Development Studies.

Failed and Repeated Courses

While recognizing that there may be valid reasons to repeat a course, the University of Toronto reserves the right to give preference to students whose marks are the result of a first attempt at each course. Appeals for special circumstances will be considered.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

Depending on the faculty, program of study, campus and your academic record, conditional offers of admission based on final 3U/M and interim or final 4U/M results will be made in monthly admission rounds, beginning in January. Offers will be made subject to space availability.

The minimum admission grade ranges required may vary annually depending on the competition for the available spaces. Particular attention will be paid to achievement in prerequisite courses.

All offers of admission are conditional upon final results and completing the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Applicants will be automatically considered for an alternative program choice at U of T Scarborough, if eligible.