Nota : Puisque la University of Waterloo est une université anglophone, les renseignements qu'elle a fourni sont en anglais seulement.

Offers of Admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

Basic requirements: At least six Grade 12 U or M courses, including the required courses for the program to which you have applied. EAE4U will be treated as equivalent to ENG4U.

All conditional offers of admission are contingent on the completion of all high school diploma requirements, including a minimum final admission average of 80%. Some programs may specify other conditions, including higher final admission averages. Your admission average consists of the grades from your top 6 Grade 12 U or M courses, including all required courses for the program you've applied to.

If your first language is not English and you have not studied full-time in an English-language school system for the 4 years immediately before beginning your studies at Waterloo, you will be required to meet our English language requirements.

Failed and Repeated Courses

View Waterloo's policies on failed and repeated courses and courses other than day school.

Timing of Admission Decisions

Offers of admission are made on a rolling basis between January and May as we receive updated grades from schools. The date you may receive an offer of admission depends on the program you applied to, your grade average and any special entrance requirements (such as video interviews and portfolios for some programs). The Faculties of Engineering and Mathematics make admission decisions in March and May only.

We want to consider all students fairly, so we may wait for updated grades from schools before making many of our admission decisions.

Scholarship and bursary decisions are made in May.

Applying to Engineering programs

You can apply to multiple programs at Waterloo except for Engineering programs. You may apply to one Waterloo Engineering program on your application.

If you wish to be considered for 2 Engineering programs at Waterloo, choose one on your application and then use your Admission Information Form (AIF) to request consideration for a second program. You'll receive instructions for completing your AIF once you've applied. Biomedical Engineering and Software Engineering are not available as alternate choices on your AIF so you'll need to list one of those on your application if one of them is your main interest.

Admission to Alternative Programs

If you are not admitted to the program you applied to, you may be considered for admission to an alternative program, provided you meet the minimum admission requirements and places are available.

If a program is available in both co-op and regular systems of study and you're not admitted to the co-op version, you will be automatically considered for either the corresponding regular program or another related program, provided places are available. In some programs, limited admission to co-op is also available in second year.

Deferred Admission

High school applicants who are offered admission and who wish to take a year off to work or travel may request a 1-year deferral of admission. You will not be granted a deferral if you study at another postsecondary institution during the year.

More Than 100 Programs to Choose From

The programs listed are ones that you apply directly to. We offer more than 100 programs and majors at Waterloo, some of which you choose at the end of first year.