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These scholarships are primarily available to high school students from Ontario, Canada, applying to first-year university.

Most universities also offer scholarships to applicants from outside Ontario and Canada, and upper-year and mature students. Contact the universities directly for more information about these scholarships, as they are not listed on OUInfo.

Bourse de mérite

Université de Hearst

La valeur totale de cette bourse varie entre $2,000 et $6,000. Elle représente $200 par tranche de 3 crédits à condition de remplir les critères d'admissibilité. (Renewable)

Faculty of Arts and Humanities Entrance Scholarship of Excellence

Western University

$2,000 awarded to full-time students entering the first year of an undergraduate program in the Faculty of Arts & Humanities with the exception of National Scholarship and Western Scholarship of Excellence recipients. Students must have a minimum final admission average of 90% and be eligible for a University entrance scholarship. This scholarship is offered in addition to Western’s Admission Scholarships.

Transfer Student Admission Scholarships

Western University

Ten awards at $1,500 each, awarded to students in the Fall. These scholarships are awarded to ten students transferring into an upper year of an undergraduate program at Western's main campus from studies at another post-secondary institution.

Bourse d'étude

Université de Hearst

Cette bourse automatique et renouvelable est offerte à toute personne inscrite à l'Université de Hearst. La valeur totale de cette bourse varie entre $1,000 et $4,000 selon le nombre d'années d'études complétées. Elle représente $100 par tranche de 3 crédits réussis. (Renewable)

Brock Scholars Award

Brock University

$4,000 ($1,000 each year) 80-84.9%
$6,000 ($1,500 each year) 85-89.9%
$10,000 ($2,500 each year) 90-92.9%
$16,000 ($4,000 each year) 93%+

Regular Officer Training Plan (ROTP)

Royal Military College of Canada

Tuition, books and implements required to complete a degree at the undergraduate level are provided by the Government of Canada. Officer Cadets are also provided with a salary while attending RMC. We recommend you apply as soon as you can, once you begin your final year of high school. (Renewable)


Jan. 31, 2022