University Student Transition Resources

This list of resources is meant to reinforce learning and the skills needed for academic success in university. The following programs are available to all students attending Ontario universities.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, partly because universities regularly make adjustments to services.

Have questions or need more information? Contact the appropriate university directly.

Algoma University

STAR Program

  • Free, 3-day program for university-bound students.
  • Designed to ease the transition.
  • Especially beneficial for students with learning disabilities.

Student Success Workshops

  • Help you reach your academic potential.
  • Topics include: Note-taking, time management and studying.

Writing Lab

  • Open for 14 weeks in fall and winter semesters.
  • Offers free writing instruction to help you improve your writing skills.

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Brock University

CHEM1P00 Introductory Chemistry

  • Assists those with an insufficient background in chemistry to succeed in required year 1 CHEM 1F92.
  • Can be applied toward degree as an elective credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

ExperienceBU and the Campus Wide Co-Curriculum (CWC)

  • Through ExperienceBU, you can find and connect to clubs and organizations, events, workshops, communities, services and supports, and co-curricular experiences.
  • The CWC is a collection of opportunities that are designed to help you make the most of your Brock experience.
  • The CWC offers a "First Year Experience Track", designed to provide you with a starting point for getting involved outside of the classroom.

Hadiyaˀdagénhahs First Nations, Métis and Inuit Student Centre

  • Provides a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for Aboriginal students and visitors to our campus.
  • Assists all Aboriginal students, including First Nations, Métis and Inuit, make the transition to the Brock community, and provides support and resources to enhance academic success and cultural identity.

International Student Services

  • Offers assistance to all international students at Brock through one-on-one appointments, webinars, virtual events and more.
  • Provides guidance through all stages of applying to Brock, travelling to Canada and making the most of life on campus.

Learning Services

  • Skills workshops, academic drop-in support, and tutoring throughout academic term. Available in-person and online.
  • Online interactive skills tutorials and tip sheets in areas, such as essay writing, exam preparation, note-taking and time management.

Mathematics Learning Centre

  • Free, drop-in help for students registered in first-year math courses.
  • Discuss questions about course concepts or material with course-specific teaching assistants, who are available at select times each week.
  • Non-credit.

Brock's Student Success Centre

  • Offers online interactive skill tutorials on academic writing, grammar, numeracy and science that engage you through video, examples and game-like exercises. Includes modules that provide you with the fundamental skills needed for successful academic writing and mathematical operations.
  • Free Academic-Zone that provides academic support to help you achieve your full potential in university and beyond (non-credit, registration required).
  • Free workshops that support academic learning and study skills (non-credit, registration required).
  • Tutoring (fees apply, non-credit, registration required).

Summer Orientation Programs

  • First-year orientation programs include: Smart Start, LEAP, BaseCamp and BU101.
  • Incoming students learn about student supports and services, ways to be successful, how to make the most of campus life and the community, course registration support and more.
  • Non-credit; registration required.

Welcome Week

  • A week of scheduled orientation activities, programs and supports that welcome you to the Brock community.
  • Non-credit; registration and drop-in.

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Carleton University

Centre for Indigenous Support and Community Engagement

  • Provides a culturally safe space for dialogue and learning by nurturing a sense of belonging for Indigenous students.
  • The Ojigkwanong Indigenous Student Centre, housed within the CII, is a space where First Nation, Métis and Inuit students can study, socialize and participate in academic and cultural programming.

Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS)

  • Free services for developing academic skills.
  • Offers a variety of support programs to improve your academic performance.
  • Available online.

CHEM Matters

  • A week-long course designed to help prepare students coming into CHEM 1001.
  • Summer delivery.
  • For fees and registration details, consult our website.

COMP Matters

  • A 1-week course for first-year students developing and practicing problem solving skills in a computer science context.
  • Summer delivery. Registration opens in June.
  • For fees, consult our website.

Current Student Website

  • Connects you to online services that help you succeed professionally, personally and academically.

First-Year Engineering Support

  • Free online tutoring via the Elsie MacGill Learning Centre for first-year engineering students, including help with core engineering, math and science courses.

Learning Support Services

  • Free learning support workshops and one-on-one sessions on topics like note-taking, research skills, citation and referencing, lab reports, learning strategies, balancing school and work, and time management.
  • Topics offered online.

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Assistance Program

  • Free support of first-year mathematics and statistics courses.
  • Provides learning support and solutions to homework questions through assistance videos.

Math Matters

  • A 1-week online refresher course for first-year students entering degree programs at Carleton with a math component.
  • Summer delivery.
  • For fees and registration details, consult our website.

Pathways to Graduation

  • An online resource designed to help guide you through each phase of your undergraduate degree along a path to graduation that is right for you.

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions

  • Free online and in-person group sessions for individual subjects.

Science Student Success Centre

  • Provides a wide range of support for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science, including mentoring, workshops and activities to help improve academic performance and enhance personal success.

Student Experience Office

  • One of your first stops when you arrive at Carleton University! Supports your successful transition to university life by preparing you to achieve personal, social and academic goals.
  • Offers CU 1001 - Your Start to Student Life at Carleton, a free online bundled mini-course experience that provides you with a focused introduction to the Carleton community and prepares you for your journey as future Ravens.
  • Offers continued support through your time at Carleton through leadership development, transitional support programming and events that encourage your engagement (programs offered online, some require registration).
  • Offers summer, fall, winter and academic orientation (virtual programming, registration required).

Writing Services

  • Free service that supports your academic writing.
  • In-person and online appointments available.

Contact Carleton University

University of Guelph


Chemistry & Physics Help

  • Science Commons, a dedicated space for chemistry and physics teaching assistants (TAs) to help students enrolled in UG CHEM and PHYS courses.

Exam Prep

  • The library offers many resources to help you prepare for and write exams.

Learning & Studying Support

  • Provides assistance to help you enhance your skills and academic performance.
  • Our professional staff, peer helpers and student athlete mentors provide information, individual and small group assistance, workshops and in-class sessions dealing with:
    • Time management, project management and balancing life and academics
    • Presentation and speaking skills, including poster presentations
    • Controlling procrastination and perfectionism
    • Exam preparation
    • Working in groups
    • Critical reading and learning from texts
    • Learning in large lectures
    • Concentration and memory enhancement
  • Collaborative programs and partnerships:
    • Engineering Peer Helpers
    • Indigenous Learning Peer Helpers
    • Learning Support for Science Students (LS3)
  • Residence Life Staff Academic Support
  • Studying Support
  • Supported Learning Groups (SLGs)
    • Peer-led study groups in historically challenging courses. They give you a more in-depth understanding of the course content as you learn in a small online group format.
  • Academic Action Program
    • A one-to-one academic coaching program to help you enhance your academic potential.
  • Student Athlete Mentorship (SAM):
    • Book an appointment for advice and information about developing effective strategies and study approaches for different types of courses and for ideas on how to create an Academic Action Plan.
    • Appointments are free and confidential.

Math & Stats Help

  • The Math & Stats Learning Centre is a drop-in space where a team of tutors can help you understand and solve course work problems.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

  • Facilitates a variety of programs and services to assist students with disabilities to participate fully in university life and maximize campus accessibility.
  • SAS is for students who experience all types of disabilities, including (but not limited to) ADD/ADHD, hearing, learning, medical, mobility, psychological/emotional and vision.
  • Available to full-time or part-time, graduate and undergraduate students.
  • The SAS also has a number of services available to students with temporary disabilities.
  • You become eligible for our programs and services when you register with the SAS and provide documentation to support your disability.

Student Transition Office

  • We are with you from start to finish during your time as a Gryphon. We focus on you as a person, helping you to leverage your skills and strengths to live and learn at university. Some of our programs include:
    • Bounce Back – An optional program for first- and second-year students who struggled with their academics in their first semester.
    • STARTonTrack – For you if you want to start your first semester off right by planning ahead.

Supported Learning Groups (SLG)

  • Free course-specific support outside of classes that is available for regular or drop-in attendance.
  • Depending on the course, SLGs may be offered virtually, face to face, or a hybrid of both formats.
  • University staff and trained upper-year undergraduate students help you succeed in historically challenging courses.
  • Sessions are peer-led study groups that review course material and demonstrate new approaches to difficult concepts.

Writing Support

  • We offer writing appointments, workshops and help in all aspects of writing:
    • Citations and bibliographies
    • Grammar and style
    • Writing specific types of papers
    • Writing papers in different disciplines
  • We offer free, confidential, individual and group writing appointments to help you improve your writing.
  • Writing appointments can be pre-booked or you can drop in for a same-day writing appointment.
  • English as an Additional Language Support.

Contact the University of Guelph

University of Guelph-Humber

Services are offered by the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College.

Career Services

  • Speak with a program-specific Career Services Coordinator for personalized career advice.
  • Whether you are looking for a job, working on your resumé, developing networking skills or defining your career goals, we can help.

First Year Experience (FYE) Program

  • Your FYE Leader will mentor and support you as you adjust to being a university student.
  • Throughout the summer, receive information about important dates, campus resources and tips for success.
  • Meet other first-year students in your program, both online and at Orientation, and attend social events and FYE sessions to make the most of your first year.

Kick Start

  • Sessions that help you,your family members and supporters with the transition from secondary to postsecondary education.
  • Topics include: Course selection, financial services and wellness supports.

Learning Support Peers (LSPs)

  • LSPs are current students who are available to offer support and provide general information about programs, assist with course selection, provide direction in the area of academic resources and personal support services and inform you of policies and procedures.
  • LSPs also offer a series of Learning Skills Workshops, such as:
    • Exam preparation
    • Reading and note-taking
    • Time management
    • Procrastination
    • Memory strategies
    • Stress management
    • Presentation skills

Math Centre

  • You can receive support in math, including specific resources, workshops and related activities.


  • Connect with other incoming students at this fun, students-only, official welcome to life at the University.
  • We will get you set for classes and show you how to get involved.

Peer Tutoring

  • Offers one-on-one assistance for students having difficulties in specific courses.

Placement Services

  • Meet with your program-specific Placement Coordinator to help with your questions and plans for your placement or internship.

Transitions to Success

  • Provides new students with disabilities with resources and information to assist in transitioning to postsecondary studies.
  • Students can explore services, learn about accessing academic accommodations and meet returning students registered with Accessible Learning Services.

Writing Centre

  • Whether you want to work on your thesis development, essay structure, research skills or points of grammar, our friendly staff offer personalized instruction on an appointment basis.

Email the University of Guelph-Humber

This information is available in French only.

Université de Hearst

Communiquer avec l'Université de Hearst

Accueil et orientation

  • C’est important de commencer l’année du bon pied. Le personnel de l’Université de Hearst (UdeH), l’équipe de mentorat ainsi que vos collègues de classe s’assurent de vous accueillir chaleureusement et de vous faire vivre une expérience enrichissante et inoubliable.
  • Cette grande aventure débute avec une séance d’orientation pour :
    • vous souhaiter la bienvenue;
    • vous présenter la grande famille UdeH;
    • vous informer sur les différents services et les dates importantes;
    • vous initier au fonctionnement et aux divers règlements;
    • vous intégrer à la vie universitaire et
    • répondre à vos questions.

Carrefour d'apprentissage

  • Présent sur chacun des campus, le Carrefour d’apprentissage vise à créer un environnement qui favorise votre réussite scolaire et professionnelle. Pour ce faire, il regroupe à 1 seul endroit plusieurs services qui peuvent faciliter et enrichir votre vie d’étudiante ou d’étudiant :
    • Service de mentorat personnalisé
    • Assistance informatique
    • Initiation aux méthodes de recherche
    • Stratégies d’études


  • L’équipe de mentorat est disponible gratuitement sur chacun des campus pour vous appuyer à tous les niveaux et faciliter votre transition. En première année, le jumelage à une étudiante ou un étudiant mentor assure entre vous des suivis réguliers pour une intégration réussie.
  • Leur mandat est :
    • de vous assister dans l’atteinte de vos objectifs académiques;
    • de vous aider à vous adapter à la vie universitaire;
    • de vous offrir un accompagnement personnalisé sur le plan du mieux-être et
    • d’organiser des activités parascolaires de tout genre sur les campus.

Service d’accessibilité

  • Si vous éprouvez des problèmes physiques, psychologiques ou d’apprentissage, notre service d’accessibilité peut vous permettre d’obtenir des outils et du soutien personnalisés pour votre réussite et votre participation à la vie universitaire.
  • Notre équipe est là pour vous fournir l’aide nécessaire et des mesures d’accommodements pour l’atteinte de vos objectifs. Une consultation peut faire toute la différence.


  • Des stages crédités sont offerts dans tous nos programmes et les avantages sont multiples. Ils vous permettent entre autres :
    • d’explorer des choix de carrière;
    • d’appliquer en milieu travail des éléments théoriques vus en classe;
    • de développer des habiletés de travail;
    • de gagner en expérience;
    • de vous aider à trouver de l’emploi;
    • de rehausser votre niveau de confiance et votre autonomie;
    • de croitre sur le plan personnel et
    • de vous engager au sein de la collectivité.

Volet professionel

  • Le Volet professionnel est un programme complet qui vous prépare à faire la transition entre vos études et le marché du travail.
  • Par l’entremise de multiples activités, de rencontres, d’expériences professionnelles et de stages, vous remplirez votre bagage de connaissances et mettrez en pratique vos compétences. Vous aurez une préparation supplémentaire pour affronter les défis et les exigences du monde de l’emploi.

Lakehead University

Academic Support Zone

  • Free undergraduate tutoring and writing support services in a wide variety of academic disciplines.
  • Drop-in hours and appointment times available throughout the academic year.
  • Seminars and workshops on academic writing, avoiding plagiarism, referencing and citations take place throughout the year.

Career Zone

  • Offers resumé and cover letter review, interview and job searching assistance, career exploration services and assessments, and mentorship programs.
  • Offers 6 career fairs serving a variety of disciplines between both campuses.
  • Provides networking opportunities with employers.

Fast Pass to Registration

  • Free pre-orientation program that helps you get a head start on preparing for the transition to university.
  • Work one-on-one with our advisors to get personalized assistance with course registration and prepare for the start of the new year.
  • Register or drop in.

International Student Centre

  • Located in the heart of the Thunder Bay campus.
  • Find English-language classes and all international student services.
  • Connect with other students in the International Lounge, where you can relax between classes.

Orientation Activities (Students)

  • Participate in free, comprehensive, interactive and fun events at Orientation.
  • Topics include: Academic success from day 1, accessing student support services, health and safety, and opportunities to get involved.
  • No registration required.

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

  • Coordinates services and facilitates the provision of reasonable academic accommodations for students with permanent or temporary disabilities and/or medical conditions.
  • SAS staff collaborate with students, staff and faculty to develop strategies for a successful learning experience while maintaining the academic standards and integrity of the University.

Student Central

  • A convenient way to conduct all academic business and receive the best advice on achieving an academic goal.
  • Get help with course selection, navigating the student portal, myInfo and more.
  • Dedicated Student Central Professionals are available to answer all your questions from the start of your academic journey through to graduation.
  • Drop in and book a session on most days.

Student Success Centre

  • Includes Orientation and transition programming.
  • Connect with a Student Success Advisor to discover resources and strategies to help you achieve academic success.
  • Connect with the Co-op Officer for support with the co-operative education program.
  • Academic skills workshops: Note-taking and time management, reading textbooks effectively, exam preparation and study strategies.

Student Support Fairs

  • Free student support fairs that encourage and connect you with the wide variety of on-campus services available to support your success.
  • Fairs happen throughout the academic year.
  • Register in advance or drop in.

Contact Lakehead University

Laurentian University

Accessibility Services

  • Partners in Accessibility at Laurentian (PAL):
    • Our free 3-day transition program includes a mock lecture, a student and faculty panel discussion, social events and an overview of support services.
    • Designed for students with an Individualized Education Program.
    • Throughout the year, you can attend workshops to learn skills and strategies to enhance your learning experience, including:
      • Effective note-taking
      • Study skills strategies
      • Test-taking strategies
      • Time management tools
    • For more information, email the PAL program.
    • Registration deadline: August.

Centre for Academic Excellence

  • First Year Coach Program:
    • You can choose to be matched with an upper-year student from your program months before you begin your studies to answer your questions and help you navigate the start of your first year.
    • You are encouraged to reach out to your coach for insight on your program and for tips and tricks on student life at Laurentian University.
  • Orientation Sessions:
    • Orientations are held in person and through remote sessions in both English and French weeks before the beginning of each term.
    • During these sessions, you will learn about academic regulations, majors, minors and the services available to you.
    • For more information, email the Laurentian Orientation office.
  • Academic Writing:
    • You become an author and researcher once you begin university. Enhance your writing abilities with a writing coach and exercise your academic freedom.
    • This is not a remedial service.
    • Get help with pre-writing, writing and post-writing.
    • Get help with APA, MLA, Vancouver or Chicago style referencing, and with formatting.
  • Tutoring:
    • Matches students based on course code.
    • Tutors have passed the course with at least a 75%.
    • All tutors have successfully completed the tutor training.
  • Student Success Advising:
    • Private, confidential meetings available by appointment or drop in.
    • Explore degrees and combinations.
    • Get help with changing programs and courses.
    • Link degrees to a career.
    • Gain insight on completing majors, minors and specializations.
    • Access student advocacy and get help with appeals.

Contact Laurentian University

McMaster University

Student Success Centre

  • Academic Skills Workshops:
    • Being an Online Learner
    • Reading Academic Articles and Textbooks
    • Note-taking for University
    • Time Management and Beating Procrastination
    • Setting Goals for Success
    • Study Smarter, Not Harder
    • Mastering the Multiple Choice Test
    • Mastering Short Answer Questions
  • Communication Skills Workshops:
    • Improved Presentations
    • Effective Group Work
  • Online Learning Support:
    • A comprehensive web page featuring information, guidance, tips, tools and resources to support your academic performance online.
  • SSC Virtual Front Desk Live Chat:
    • Get answers to questions about SSC programs and services. The live chat is open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 2 pm.
  • Writing Skills Workshops:
    • Making the Most of Your Sources
    • University Essays 101
    • Writing a Clear, Concise and Contentious Thesis Statement
    • Strategies for Essay Revision
    • Taking Research Notes
    • How To Write a Lab Report

Contact McMaster University

Nipissing University

Academic Success Program

  • Connects you with resources, staff and strategies to help you achieve academic success.
  • As a registered participant, you are connected with a dedicated member of the Academic Success Team to help you develop a personalized Academic Success Plan. Together you will review your successes and challenges, and be connected to appropriate support services.
  • The program offers workshops and opportunities to reflect on your success and ongoing challenges with the goal of positively impacting your university experience.
  • Registration required.

Accessibility Services

  • Supports students with permanent and temporary disabilities and strives to provide an accessible, barrier-free learning environment.

BIOL 1911 – Introduction to Biology

  • First-year biology course equivalent to SBI4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

CHEM 1911 – Introduction to Basic Chemistry

  • First-year chemistry course equivalent to SCH4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

Drop-In Centres

  • Student Learning Coordinators available for same-day, 15-minute appointments about math, statistics, academic writing and citation/referencing skills, time management tools, note-taking tips, and research, organization, test/exam and general study strategies.
  • Academic Dons available for drop-in appointments if you live in residence. They are trained to help you on a one-on-one basis with general academic skills, such as study strategies, note-taking and time management skills, and more.
  • Registration required.

International Student Support

  • Provides support, programming and orientation to both international degree-seeking students and short-term exchange students who choose to study at Nipissing.

MATH 1911 – Finite Mathematics

  • First-year math course equivalent to a 4U Math.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

MATH 1912 – Elementary Calculus

  • First-year math course equivalent to MCV4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

MATH 1922 – Mathematics of Data Management

  • First-year math course equivalent to MDM4U.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

New Student Orientation

  • A full-day orientation program that introduces you and your supporters to the academic expectations of Nipissing University, highlights the services and programs available to you and integrates you and your supporters into the Laker community.
  • Fees may apply, registration required.

NU Gateway

  • The NU Gateway program ensures that you feel connected to the Lakers community and have a successful transition to university life.
  • The program is currently being updated. Visit the website for the most up-to-date information.

NU Listens

  • Is a campus-wide outreach and prevention program focused on your mental and emotional well-being.
  • Aims to increase your understanding of mental and emotional challenges you may face during your time at university and your knowledge about support services available.
  • Engages you in awareness services and skill-building events that are designed around campus needs.

NU Promise

  • Enriches your student experience by helping you navigate life as a Laker and your university journey.
  • Provides a Student Success Coordinator to help you navigate the 3 core pillars that you will engage with: Academic Success, Engagement and Self-Development, and Career Development.
  • Invites you to return, tuition-free, for up to 30 additional credits if you are an active participant in the NU Promise Program and 6 months after completing your 4-year undergraduate degree program with a 70% GPA and all required elements of the program, you have not secured career-related employment.

NU Success

  • Includes an outreach campaign that provides you with the opportunity to let the University know if you would like support or information about a service on campus.
  • Includes an early alert program that provides timely support to students who may be facing challenges that are negatively impacting their success.
  • Provides opportunities for student appreciation, community development and engagement.

Peer Tutoring

  • Facilitates the provision of one-on-one peer-led tutoring sessions for course-specific help.
  • Pairs you with a peer who has demonstrated competence in that particular course in the past.
  • Fees may apply.


  • Available specifically for varsity athletes.
  • Provides each team with a REAL TALK point person to connect with if you are struggling and need to discuss and connect with available supports.

Sexual Violence Prevention and Education

  • Builds awareness about sexual violence and gender-based violence on campus.
  • Provides accessible supports and services for those affected by sexual and/or gender-based violence.
  • Provides access to training and workshops.

Student Counselling Services

  • Works to support you in achieving positive mental and emotional wellness.

Student Intervention Services

  • Provides you with a supportive, non-judgemental, goal-oriented relationship to collaboratively develop a service navigation plan while focusing on your goals and individualized needs.
  • Referral-based service.

Student Learning and Transitions

  • Offers services and programs to help you engage in your academic studies and student life.
  • Teaches essential academic skills and study techniques that will help you effectively express your intelligence, apply your knowledge and communicate your ideas.
  • Facilitates activities and programs to build a peer support network and engaged Laker community, and to support you throughout your multiple transitions in, through and out of your academic career.

Student Success Workshops

  • Staff, student leaders and faculty advisors collaborate to create a series of workshops on various topics relevant to your success.
  • Focuses on relaying best practices to support you in your successful transition to Nipissing University.
  • Topics may include:
    • Time management
    • Research
    • Exam preparation
    • Plagiarism
    • Stress management
    • Note-taking
    • Career development

UNIV 1011 – Academic Success: Theory and Practice

  • Introductory course that helps you understand and integrate effectively in to the university environment, through the development of attitudes, skills and knowledge that promote success in higher education.
  • You can count this course for credit.
  • Tuition fees apply.

Contact Nipissing University

OCAD University

Writing & Learning Centre

  • Provides support for students in the exploration of ideas and approaches for writing, research, critical thinking, studio process and academic study.

IT Services

  • Provides comprehensive information and tutorials with respect to OCAD University’s mandatory laptop programs and various technology platforms, including student email, print accounts and the course learning management system (Canvas).
  • Participate in orientation to technology, as well as online technology training.


  • The Dorothy H. Hoover Library offers one-on-one research assistance and conducts seminars and workshops to help you find, retrieve and evaluate information sources.


  • Orientation activities welcome you to the OCAD U community.

Planning Your Courses and Preparing to Register

  • These information sessions will teach you how to use your program guide, plan courses and register, and orient you to our student portal, website, student information systems and other tools and services you’ll be using during your time at OCAD U.

Student Accessibility Services

  • In addition to providing year-round learning support and academic accommodations to students with disabilities, Student Accessibility Services offers transition programs for new students with disabilities who will be attending OCAD University.

Contact OCAD University

Université de l'Ontario français

Student Success Centre (SSC)

  • The SCC is a one-stop-shop for all learning support and university services.
    • The Teaching and Learning Support Service offers workshops for students and faculty members on various teaching and learning methods aimed to improve different competencies, such as work habits, speed reading, how to organize group work and using distance-learning tools.
    • The Student Experience Service takes care of your journey at UOF. A team member is available to answer questions about your UOF experience, whether it is related to your studies, our student services, scholarship information, employment prospects or extracurricular activities.

Contact the Université de l'Ontario français

Ontario Tech University

Accessibility Summer Transition Programming

  • Program for incoming students with documented disabilities.
  • Understand the real differences between high school, college and university.
  • Learn about self-advocacy and how to use your strengths.
  • Become immersed in the software you will use every day in our technology-enriched learning environment.
  • Learn tried-and-true strategies to make the most of your university experience.
  • Meet key staff who will provide academic and learning support.
  • Become familiar with the campus and the Oshawa area.
  • Offered throughout August.
  • Registration required.

Faculty Registration Information Sessions

  • Registration for our unique programs is not the same for every student; we offer faculty- and program-specific information sessions.
  • Designed to give you all the information you need to successfully register for your courses.
  • Live sessions are offered throughout the summer and are run by your faculty’s academic advising team.


  • Promotes academic and personal success by providing insight about what it will be like to be a student at our university.
  • Meet fellow classmates, faculty and staff, learn strategies for attending university lectures and discuss what makes your university experience unique.
  • Free, interactive sessions that provide you with a recap of foundational academic concepts for your program.
  • Learn about study skills and time management, and develop effective strategies to be successful in university.
  • Non-credit; registration required.
  • We strongly recommend the sessions and offer specialized programming for all programs.
  • Offered in the summer.

Peer Leader Mentoring Program

  • Fosters a culture of inclusivity and support throughout your postsecondary journey and beyond.
  • The program ensures you have the opportunity to connect with the mentorship community, receive support and engage with your peers.
  • Peer Leader Mentoring program goals include:
    • Establishing an inclusive and welcoming community of peers that cultivates a network and culture of mentorship.
    • Providing support and guidance through various transitions in your postsecondary journey, from acceptance to post-graduation.
    • Engaging you in personal growth, lifelong learning and leadership opportunities through flexible, experiential programming that leverages the development of interpersonal, academic and professional skills.
    • Creating a unified mentorship network that fosters respectful, interdisciplinary connections between individual peer programs and provides opportunities for collaborative programming.

Ridgeback Orientation

  • Ontario Tech’s largest transition program, geared toward students who are beginning classes in September.
  • Prepare for success in your first year by learning from upper-year students who volunteer their time to welcome you to the university community.
  • Ridgeback Orientation will provide you with opportunities to:
    • familiarize yourself with the campus.
    • learn how to get the most from your university experience.
    • meet new friends, faculty and staff.
    • participate in engaging activities and traditions, unique to Ontario Tech.
  • Offered at the beginning of September.

Contact Ontario Tech University

University of Ottawa

Academic GPS

  • The Academic GPS offers a free network of services and programs to complement your classroom learning, including:
    • Academic Writing Help Centre
    • Mentoring
    • Study groups
    • Workshops

Accessibility – Academic Accommodations Service

  • The University is committed to providing students and student applicants with disabilities with academic accommodation to allow them an equitable opportunity to fully access and participate with dignity and autonomy.

Course Enrollment Support

  • Help with course enrollment, as well as on-campus workshops and information sessions.

Essential Tasks

  • This web page is your go-to resource for everything student-life related to be successful throughout your studies. It includes:
    • Getting your first student card
    • Managing your studies
    • U-Pass transit card

Events for Future Students

  • Open house and information evenings. Come out and see us. Our representatives will be on hand to answer questions.

Faculty of Science – Workshops, Bridging Programs, Help Centres and Study Groups

  • Help with math and science for high school or CEGEP students transitioning to university. Bridging courses offered in summer.
  • Help with chemistry, biochemistry, math, biology and physics for first- and second-year science students transitioning to university.

Health and Wellness

  • To do well, you need to be well. The University of Ottawa wants to support your overall wellness, from mental health to physical health and everything in between.
    • Chat with a peer
    • Visit the Wellness Lounge
    • Access counselling and mental health services
    • Participate in wellness activities

International Mentoring Centre

  • Help for international and exchange students, including workshops on adjusting to Canadian culture and learning efficient study techniques.

Library Services

  • Help with research, reserving a group study room and publishing support.

Mashkawazìwomagig Indigenous Resource Centre

  • Academic and cultural support for First Nations, Métis and Inuit students.

Regional Mentoring Centre

  • Regional Mentors help you find the academic and personal support you need. Get advice from peers who have been through the same experience.

Sexual Violence: Support and Prevention

  • The University of Ottawa is committed to maintaining a campus that promotes respect for the dignity of every individual and a community that is free from sexual harassment, discrimination and violence. Our goal is to make our University a place where students, faculty and staff can feel safe and secure. We pledge to foster mutual respect and create a campus where any survivors of sexual violence can get the support they need.

Student Union Support

University of Ottawa – Saint Paul University

Accommodation Services

  • Academic accommodations contribute to the creation of an inclusive environment. Accommodation Services develops strategies and implements measures that aim to reduce the barriers to learning for students who have learning disabilities, or health, psychiatric or physical conditions.


  • Psychotherapists are available for individual personal sessions, in a strictly confidential environment, to help you cope with issues affecting your life.

Indigenous Initiatives Service

  • The Service is working to create a safe and appropriate space to support Indigenous students (status and non-status First Nations, Métis and Inuit) throughout their university career.

International Students

  • Essential information for new Saint Paul University international students.

Lunch and Learn

  • Offered by the library, these workshops help you transition to university and prepare for exams, essays, etc.

Orientation Week

  • This activity-filled week provides a variety of resources to help you integrate into university life at Saint Paul University.

Recruitment Events

  • Saint Paul’s Recruitment Office offers a variety of activities, such as an Open House and the Shape Your Future with SPU event, to help you navigate our programs, admission requirements, admission process and services.

Saint Paul University Writing Centre

  • Writing and assignment advisors assist with organizing, presenting and structuring your papers and avoiding plagiarism.

Contact Saint Paul University

Queen's University

Academic Counselling and Tutoring Resources

  • Information about academic support through counselling and tutoring resources.

Q Success: A First-Year Experience Program

  • Offers regular events and one-on-one mentoring aimed to help you develop the skills you need to succeed academically, personally and socially.

Student Academic Success Services

  • Offers academic support to help you develop your skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing and self-management.

Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources

  • Helps you:
    • Prepare effectively for new academic expectations.
    • Prepare for potential personal stresses and academic pressure points during first year.
    • Make the most of services and resources to support student learning and academic success.
    • Anticipate important academic dates and deadlines.
    • Navigate administrative processes, including academic registration and financial accounts.
    • Get tips for staying healthy and getting involved in the campus community.
  • You participate in a 1-day program in summer; there are specific dates for each faculty.

Welcome and Orientation for International Students

  • 1-day program for international students new to Queen’s.

Welcome Day for Indigenous Students

  • Offers incoming students a chance to meet other Indigenous students by allowing first-year and transfer Indigenous students the opportunity to move in to residences 1 day early.

Contact Queen's University

University of Toronto

Engineering Academic Success Centre

  • Free academic assistance for Engineering students.

First-Year Opportunities

  • For first-year students.
  • Variety of options for all interests.
  • Academic and extracurricular opportunities.

Free Academic Resources

  • For all registered students.

Math Aid Centres

  • Drop-in centres for all Arts and Science students.
  • Tutors available on a one-on-one basis.
  • During the school year.

Math (Assessing Preparedness)

  • Free service.

Math (First-Year Calculus)

  • This course teaches the material required for first-year calculus.
  • In-class instruction, 2 times/week.
  • Fee: $600.


  • Takes place your first week on campus.
  • Includes a variety of events to help familiarize yourself with all the programs and services U of T has to offer.
  • A fun way to get involved and meet new people.
  • Starting Point, previously known as the Blueprint program, is a build-your-own-experience program that introduces you to all that U of T has to offer and will set you up for success during your first year.
  • My First Six Weeks is a workshop series designed to help you transition smoothly to life as a U of T student. The program features 6 weekly workshops that will help you develop your academic skills, learn about helpful campus resources, explore exciting involvement opportunities and gain new insights about yourself.

Contact the University of Toronto – St. George Campus

University of Toronto – Mississauga

Academic Culture and English Program

  • For students who require additional English-language skills training.

Eagle Orientation

  • Discover the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) campus and meet new friends as you become prepared for your first week of classes.

Head Start Program

  • Interactive sessions featuring senior student panels, course instructors and simulated classroom experiences that introduce you to university expectations.

New Student Programming

  • EagleConnect pre-arrival transition program
  • LAUNCH mentorship sessions
  • Parent & Family Program

New Students

  • A comprehensive guide outlining all of the necessary steps to prepare you for a successful start to your university experience.

Parent & Family Orientation

  • A program for parents and families of new UTM students to learn about the transition into life at UTM.

Pre-Arrival Information for International Students

  • Information and resources for international students transitioning to life in Canada.

Queer Orientation

  • An annual week of LGBTQ-focused programming across all 3 campuses of U of T during the month of September.

Residence Orientation

  • Get to know your new home, neighbours and residence community.

Summer Academic Skills Institute (S.A.S.I.)

  • Comprehensive learning skills program for students with disabilities.

Student Guide

  • Academic & International Learning Supports
  • Assistance & Services
  • Equity & Inclusivity
  • Leadership & Involvement

Contact the University of Toronto – Mississauga

University of Toronto – Scarborough

English-language Development

  • English-language development for students whose first language is not English.

First Year Learning Communities

  • The First Year Learning Communities Program is a registered program that groups you with other students by your program of study to help you find a sense of community within your academic programs or shared identities. Available for first-year Arts and Science students.

First Year Learning Integration Program (FLIP) for Management Students

  • FLIP is for incoming Bachelor of Business Administration students looking to get a head start in their first year. We have a great program lined up for you. This is a free program open to all first-year Management students.

First Year Transition Program: Summer StartUp

  • AccessAbility Services offers a summer transition program and monthly Traction Sessions to support incoming students with disabilities. This immersive program aims to help students in navigating their first year at the University of Toronto Scarborough, as well as build academic and learning strategies that are beneficial in university, such as reading, note-taking and time management.

Get Started

  • An engaging and interactive virtual academic orientation hosted by the Academic Advising & Career Centre to help you transition to studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.

Math & Statistics Learning Centre

  • Aims to improve your proficiency in various subjects of mathematics and statistics.

Next Steps to Inclusive Excellence

  • Provides resources as you prepare for the fall of your first year at U of T Scarborough.

Self-guided Online Learning Resources

Contact the University of Toronto – Scarborough

Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly Ryerson University)

First-Year Engineering Office

  • The First-Year Engineering Office hosts transition and orientation initiatives throughout the summer to promote the successful transition from high school to Toronto Met Engineering.
    • Meet with upper-year engineering students from across all 8 Engineering disciplines to help guide you before the start of school.
    • Engineering Boost courses in Physics, Math and Computer Programming to introduce you to concepts taught in your first-year courses (not for credit).
    • Pre-orientation events and campus tours to meet and connect with fellow incoming engineering students.
    • Game nights, sports competitions, scavenger hunts and more — numerous social events offered throughout the summer and academic year.

Get Ready: Summer Jumpstart

  • Get Ready: Summer Jumpstart is a summer transition program that takes place between July and August for incoming Toronto Met students that features 5 key modules:
    • Community Ready
    • Math Ready
    • Study Ready
    • Wellness Ready
    • Writing Ready
  • Get Ready: Summer Jumpstart’s main goal is to help all incoming Toronto Met students feel confident and prepared for their first semester.

International Student Support

  • With students from more than 140 countries, International Student Support (ISS) helps the international community at Toronto Met in reaching their academic, personal and professional goals.
  • ISS works to:
    • welcome and support newcomers in adjusting to life in Canada.
    • build a sense of belonging for the international community at Toronto Met.
    • connect international students and newcomers to the Toronto Met and Toronto communities.
  • Our team offers:
    • one-on-one personal development appointments.
    • group or one-on-one immigration advising.
    • programs tailored to community building, exploring and learning about new cultures.
    • health insurance for international students.

Learning Support

  • We offer a wealth of learning support services in written and oral communication, literacy, numeracy and academic skills through one-on-one appointments, group tutoring, peer support, workshops and events for all students at Toronto Met.
  • You can access the following resources through Learning Support:
    • Math & Computer Science Support
    • Study Skills & Transition Support
    • Writing & Language Support
    • Graduate Student Support
  • Examples of programs include:
    • Our Academic Edge program will help you to build core learning skills and set academic and personal goals in an encouraging and supportive peer community.
    • Supported Learning Groups for traditionally difficult first-year courses.
    • Peer Academic Coaches, upper-year students who deliver one-on-one academic skills support.

SHIFT: Transition Program for Incoming Students with Disabilities

  • Summer transition program for students with disabilities who are heading to any postsecondary institution in Ontario.
  • We provide information to students and parents/support persons about navigating Academic Accommodation Support (AAS).
  • You can connect with students with similar experiences, explore the learning strategy and assistive technology support resources available, and more.
  • Parent/support persons information sessions are also available.
  • Register on the SHIFT website.

Spanning the Gaps – Access to Postsecondary Education

  • Holistic and innovative transitional programming with accessible pathways to postsecondary education.
  • Designed for adults and young people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to experience postsecondary education.
  • Pathways build academic capacity through a strong community of students, staff and alumni, built on the principles of academic foundations, holistic support, diversity, inclusion and community engagement.
  • Programs that cater to learners who have the motivation, potential and stability required to be successful in postsecondary education but have educational gaps and/or lack the formal admission requirements.

Ted Rogers School of Management – Fit For Business

  • Fit for Business (FFB) is a transition program that helps first-year Ted Rogers School of Management students get connected, stay informed and become engaged. Making friends can feel daunting when starting your first year at university, and that is why FFB includes TedPacks.
    • In the first semester of university, first-year students are individually placed into a TedPack.
    • TedPacks are small groups of about 45 students that all share the same class schedule with one another, creating a community for you to connect and make friends from around the world.
    • You will have the opportunity to gain student leadership experience in your first year by applying to become a TedPack Leader for your own TedPack and receiving mentorship from upper-year students.

Contact Toronto Met

Trent University

Academic Skills Resources


Counselling Services

Course Registration

First Peoples House of Learning (Indigenous Student Resources)


  • Academic and social integration sessions for all incoming students.
  • Specialized sessions and partnerships with Academic Skills, Colleges, First Peoples House of Learning and Trent International.
  • With the use of an online app, upper-year students act as peer mentors.
  • Peterborough Orientation
  • Durham GTA Orientation

Peer Supports and Academic Mentoring

Student Accessibility Services

Student Resources

Trent International

  • Supporting international students with academic advising, housing, finances, health insurance, cultural transition, immigration and many other challenges.
  • Workshops and advising to support the hundreds of international students who choose to study at Trent each year.

Contact Trent University

University of Waterloo

AccessAbility Services

  • Designs and facilitates academic accommodation plans if you have a permanent, temporary or suspected disability.
  • Removes barriers and builds your capacity for personal success by working with you, your instructor and others to ensure your accommodation plan is successfully implemented.

Campus Wellness

  • Provides confidential primary medical care and mental health services using an inclusive, connected and collaborative approach.


  • A fun opportunity to connect with your classmates, experience the unique traditions of Waterloo and your faculty, get familiar with your new community and learn more about what Waterloo has to offer.
  • We offer programming and events for international students.

Parent and Supporter Guide

  • Parents and supporters are invited to a live chat as part of Waterloo Ready.
  • Our parent and supporter guide offers tips for parents about what to expect when their child starts university.
  • A monthly email newsletter is available for parents and supporters of first-year students.

Student Resources

  • Your UWaterloo life is just 1 click away. Find all the resources and supports you need to be successful at UWaterloo.

Student Success Office

  • The road to success isn’t a straight line. The Student Success Office provides resources to help you reach your goals.
  • Boost your academic skills with peer success coaching, Warrior study halls and online learning resources.
  • Lead with confidence and build more than just your resumé with the Student Leadership Program.
  • Feel at home in Canada with the international peer community and free immigration consulting.
  • Connect to the world through an international exchange.

Waterloo Ready

  • Waterloo Ready is a transition program for new Waterloo students.
  • It gives you the opportunity to connect with other students, learn insider tips and access resources to successfully navigate your first year – and all before the school year begins!

Writing and Communication Centre

  • Appointments, online workshops, English conversation circles and more to help you work through all stages of the communication process.

Contact the University of Waterloo

Western University

Brescia University College, Huron University College, King’s University College

Academic Support and Engagement

Careers & Experience

Indigenous Initiatives

Mental Health

  • Health & Wellness Services provides professional and confidential services, free of charge, if you need assistance meeting your personal, social and academic goals. Services include consultation, referral, groups and workshops, and brief, change-oriented psychotherapy.

Physical Health

  • Health & Wellness Services offers an appointment-based medical clinic for all registered part-time and full-time students at Western and affiliated colleges.

Student Affairs (King’s University College)

Student Life Centre (Brescia University College)

  • Focuses on student development and learning at Brescia.

Student Life and Support Services (Huron University College)

  • Focuses on student development and learning at Huron.
  • The Scotiabank Career Accelerator Program is a multi-tiered program that enables you to earn a designation after completing training modules, workshops and hands-on experience that will distinguish you as a workforce-savvy, emerging leader.
  • The Writing Services Centre supports your writing and communication development, as well as targeted academic course support through free, one-on-one writing and content tutoring guided by peer tutors, English-language learning specialists and graduate fellows.

Student Support & Case Management

  • The Office of Student Support & Case Management helps students, who are experiencing challenges, thrive by facilitating a coordinated response at the individual and community level. We support students with navigating resources and making informed decisions.

Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) (Main Campus) and Other Transition Programming

  • Through SAO, you will:
    • Receive one-to-one course advising and personalized assistance with timetabling and course registration.
  • Through Community Connections, you will:
    • Meet other first-year and upper-year student leaders from your faculty.
    • Learn about important campus resources and supports.
    • Complete an individualized assessment to help you understand your strengths and areas of improvement pertaining to the academic transition to university.
  • Through SmartStart, you will:
    • develop and enhance learning skills and strategies.
    • reinforce key concepts from high school courses to set you up for success in first year.
  • Through the Academic Success Program, you will:
    • be matched with upper-year peer leaders who provide mentorship, wayfinding and academic skills development.

Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) (King’s University College)

  • SAO at King’s is a program for new students that runs from June-August each year. During this appointment, you will:
    • learn about course selection, graduation requirements and support services available on campus.
    • receive one-on-one course/program selection counselling.
    • receive assistance with preparing your timetable and course registration.

Summer Orientation Days (SOD) (Brescia University College)

  • Brescia’s SOD will prepare you for the transition to university. We want to help you and your family get a better sense of the changes, challenges and bold new experiences that await you in September.
  • During your SOD, you will have the chance to learn about academic choices, student services and financial aid. You will attend a first-year course advising appointment to select your courses and map out your timetable.

Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) (Huron University College)

  • SOAR sessions help you select your courses for September, tour campus and acquaint yourself with faculty, staff and current students. Registration will begin in May for these sessions that occur in June and July.
  • Through these sessions, you can learn more about residence, student life and all the resources available to you at Huron.

Wellness and Equity Education

Western International

Contact Western University

Wilfrid Laurier University

Accessible Learning

  • Accessible learning support is available to full- and part-time undergraduate and graduate students who have a permanent or temporary disability. Build your academic accommodation plan and learn more about the various programs and services available to you as a Laurier student by participating in the Golden Hawk’s Orientation to Accessible Learning (GOAL).

Laurier 101: New Student Orientation & Transition

  • Laurier 101 is a campus-wide, incoming student program that supports you from the time you accept your offer until the first week of classes and beyond.
  • The Laurier 101 program includes:
    • Registration Webinars: Hosted every year in early June, the webinars provide guidance and support as you choose your courses and design your first-year class schedule.
    • Summer Webinar Series: Offered throughout the summer, the webinars will highlight the differences between high school and university. Sessions will provide you with an opportunity to connect with senior students, staff and faculty, and learn more about campus resources and extracurricular opportunities.
    • Hawk Talks: Chat with senior students to gain insights about what it is really like to be a Laurier Golden Hawk.
    • Orientation Week: Helps you navigate your first week at Laurier. Through a combination of academic and social activities, Orientation Week introduces you to your program, campus resources and extracurricular opportunities, and shows you what it means to be a Golden Hawk.

Services for Student Success

  • Math & Statistics Learning Support: Aids you in the transition from high school to university-level mathematics. Supports include weekly homework sessions, drop-in help, mock tests, exam reviews and diagnostic and review services to refresh your knowledge of fundamental math skills.
    • TriAGe: Helps prepare you if you plan to enroll in an entry-level university calculus course by reinforcing fundamental skills in trigonometry, algebra and geometry. TriAGe is available online throughout the summer and both in class and online throughout the summer.
  • Writing Services: Help you develop the writing skills needed to succeed in your academic studies. Writing support includes one-on-one writing appointments with a student or professional staff member, on-campus, in-class and online writing workshops, and online writing resources.
  • Study Skills & Course Support: Enhances your academic life through the promotion of effective learning strategies and study skills that you need to succeed academically. Services include individual and small-group consultations, on-campus, in-class, in-residence and online workshops, and academic success programs for varsity athletes, Indigenous students and academically at-risk students.

Student Wellness Centre

  • A centralized resource for all student wellness services and support, including physical health services, mental wellness support and counselling. Laurier’s student health care plan covers services provided through appointment and drop-in hours.
  • Located centrally on campus within steps of student residences and academic buildings.

Contact Wilfrid Laurier University

University of Windsor

Bounce Back

  • Bounce Back is a program designed to support you if you are struggling to find success during your postsecondary experience.

Bridge to University for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (BUILD)

  • BUILD is a 5-day, pre-fall semester program that eases the transition to university for students with documented learning disabilities and/or ADHD.
  • Explore the unique opportunities and challenges faced by students with learning disabilities.
  • Learn about the services and supports available through Student Accessibility Services.
  • Discover valuable techniques, strategies and technologies to help maximize learning potential.

English Language Improvement Program

  • The Centre for English Language Development is your hub for academic, professional and recreational language training.

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Mentorship Program

  • Student mentors receive training to act as peer-learning facilitators in certain first-year classes.
  • Transform First Year: Transform provides you with the academic skills that you will need to start first-year through a series of modules relating to academic success.

Faculty of Engineering: WINONE

  • Through the WINONE office, we will promote a positive learning experience and environment for all of our first-year students.
  • Whether your transition is from high school, a local or international college or university, our WINONE first-year office is here to guide you in this new and demanding environment.

Faculty of Nursing

  • Dedicated, highly skilled faculty, clinical instructors, staff and an enthusiastic student body enhance the education experience of UWindsor nursing students by offering a variety of support services, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Peer mentors (Nursing Lab)
    • First-year support and tutoring
    • Academic and career advising
    • Student counselling services

Head Start Orientation – Student Success Centre

  • Summer orientation for incoming undergraduate students starting their studies in September.
  • Learn about the differences between high school and university and the skills needed to be successful in a university environment.
  • Become acquainted with physical campus and the location of your first year classes.
  • Connect with other incoming and upper-year students in your program.
  • Interact with faculty and program advisors within your faculty.
  • Finalize course registration.
  • Take UwinCARD photo.
  • Buy a parking pass.
  • Purchase your first piece of campus swag!
  • Sign the Class of 2024 banner.
  • Enter the daily draw to win a $500 tuition award.
  • Separate parent and family orientation.

Human Kinetics: Kin-One First Year Experience Program

  • First-year Human Kinetics students are automatically members of the Kin-One First Year Experience Program.
  • The KinOne First Year Experience program is designed to help you get comfortable on campus, connect with other students, and start to think of Kinesiology as a home away from home. The KinOne program helps first-year students transition to university by providing an instant network of peer support.

International Student Centre

  • Suitcase to Backpack is a 6-week transition program run each semester for newly arrived international students. It runs 9 am-noon on Fridays and covers areas of interest and importance for new students in Canada including employment, police services, landlord-tenant issues, academic integrity, etc.
  • Mentoring program for new students runs each semester.
  • Softlanding is a transition arrival program where newly arrived students learn about being a UWindsor student and are provided a guided campus tour by current international student volunteers.

Learning Centres – Faculty of Science

  • Various Learning Centres are a valuable resource for students taking science courses at the University of Windsor:
    • Chemistry & Physics Resource Centre
    • Computer Science Resource Centre
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences Resource Centre
    • Economics Help Centre
    • Math Resource Centre
    • Science Tutor/MySci Advisor program

Math and Stats Learning Centre

  • The Math and Stats Learning Centre offers assistance if you are in first-year math and statistics courses.

Odette School of Business: Odette Student Success Centre

  • Provides you with a team of highly skilled advisors who are available to help you throughout your university career.

Outstanding Scholars Program

  • The Outstanding Scholars Program provides Outstanding Scholars candidates with mentoring and leadership curriculum during their first year. Outstanding Scholars candidates are invited to apply for the Outstanding Scholarship program at the end of their first year.
  • Outstanding Scholars are paid to do research outside class, working for faculty members. This unique opportunity lasts for 3 years, during your second, third and fourth years of undergraduate study.

Peer Support Centre

  • The Peer Support Centre is a drop-in centre where you can find a supportive peer to talk to.
  • Safe and inclusive space where trained peer support volunteers offer peer counselling to all University of Windsor students.

Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) – Student Success Centre

  • STEPS offers workshops throughout the semester to introduce practical methods that can help you improve learning and study skills across disciplines.

Student Accessibility Services

  • If you are seeking academic accommodation for a diagnosed disability (permanent or temporary), Student Accessibility Services will support you.
  • Register with Student Accessibility Services.
  • Meet with an Intake Advisor.

Student Counselling Centre

  • The Student Counselling Centre provides free, confidential counselling as well as consultation and referral services.
  • Psychologists, clinical therapists, a registered nurse and master’s-level graduate students provide services.

Student Leadership Conferences

  • Each year the Student Success and Leadership Centre offers Student Leadership Conferences. You will have the opportunity to learn about student leadership opportunities, meet peers and learn about interpersonal leadership, organizational leadership and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

UWill Discover Conference

  • The UWill Discover Conference is an opportunity for you to share your research, in-class assignments and creative work. You can publish your work on the Scholarship at UWindsor website and compete for cash prizes.

UWindsor Prep Program

  • Short, non-credit prep courses designed to refresh learners' skills and provide a taste of what classes will bring. Take one, a few or all of these prep classes to get ahead and be prepared for the beginning of your UWindsor classes.
  • Each course is designed to provide a review of Grade 12 curriculum and build the skills learners will need in first-year classes.

Windsor Welcome Week – Student Success Centre

  • New student orientation is provided just prior to the start of September classes.
  • Find communities and opportunities to become involved in campus life.
  • Make friends with other incoming and upper-year students in your program.
  • Academic program orientation.
  • Welcoming Celebration.
  • River Games and other social activities.
  • Annual Welcome Back Concert.

Writing Support for Students – Student Success Centre

  • Advisors provide help with various aspects of academic writing at any stage of the writing process.

Contact the University of Windsor

York University

Black Excellence at York University (BE YU)

  • BE YU provides Black students with supports to transition to university and maximize their student experience on the path to graduation.
  • Through workshops, specialized events, mentoring, academic advising and more, BE YU champions the academic, professional and personal success of York’s Black student community.

Career Education & Development

  • Access workshops, programs, one-on-one appointments, networking events, career fairs, an online job board and other resources to help you clarify career goals and find professional opportunities up until 2 years after graduation.

Centre for Indigenous Student Services (CISS)

  • CISS provides a safe community space that offers culturally appropriate support services and programming to a diverse Indigenous student population, helping to facilitate your success throughout your postsecondary studies.

Community Safety

  • Community Safety works closely with other departments and community partners to maintain safe and inclusive campuses through the goSAFE program, Emergency Preparedness, Security Services and the York U Safety App.

Student Accessibility Services

  • Student Accessibility Services provides support and accommodations to students living with mental health, physical, sensory, medical and/or learning disabilities (who might have had an individualized education plan in high school).
  • Pre-University/Transition Programs help students with disabilities, their families and educators plan and prepare for the transition from high school to postsecondary.

Student Community & Leadership Development (SCLD)

  • SCLD is here to help you get the most out of your university experience. SCLD offers an array of tools, guidance, programs and workshops to ensure your growth and engagement in student life.
  • You will find first-year orientation programming, student organizations, community building events and leadership development workshops.

Student Counselling, Health & Well-being

  • Student Counselling, Health & Well-being offers walk-in counselling, education and counselling groups, workshops, crisis support, mental health consultation and community referrals.

Writing Centres

  • York’s 3 Writing Centres offer in-person and online one-on-one writing support, English as a Second Language (ESL) support, disability support, workshops and group sessions.

York International

  • York International will help you gain valuable international experience and enrich your education. Global learning opportunities include study abroad, summer programs, exchanges, work abroad, research abroad and more.

York Libraries

  • York's 5 libraries offer you a wealth of in-person and online learning resources and support, and 3,300+ quiet or collaborative study spaces.
  • Visit the Learning Commons for help with learning skills, ESL, library research, writing and career planning supports.
  • Access the Student Papers & Academic Research Kit (SPARK) for support with online research, writing and critical skills development.

YU Connect

  • YU Connect helps you find out what is happening on campus, connects you with student organizations and enables you to track your involvement in co-curricular activities.

YU Prep

  • YU Prep is a series of online modules and workshops designed for incoming first-year students, developed and taught by York University instructors and student services professionals.
  • Modules are open to students of any program and provide a mix of academic instruction, skill-building and personal development opportunities. Choose subjects that support your interests and individual learning goals.


  • YU START is an award-winning transition program for new students that supports you as you make your way into and through your first year at York. You will enroll in courses, connect with fellow classmates and student leaders, become familiar with campus resources, and sign up for orientation activities.

Contact York University

York University – Glendon Campus

Career and Skills Development Centre

  • Career counselling
  • Grad school prep
  • Interview practice sessions
  • Job search advising
  • Resumé and cover letter feedback

Experiential Education (EE)

Writing Centre

  • Grammar help
  • Improving your overall French
  • Individual help with assignments and homework in person or online
  • Integrity and quotation work
  • Online workshops on academic writing
  • Support in the writing process

Contact Glendon Campus, York University