New Programs

Leadership Minor

Be part of engaging courses that develop the leadership skills needed to inspire, motivate and drive change. The minor in Leadership focuses on understanding and development of leaders and acquiring the leadership skills needed to inspire, motivate and bring about change. You'll study leaders, past and present, and learn to identify and overcome leadership issues.

Our broad range of Leadership courses will give you a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today's leaders. Take courses such as:

  • Communication Skills for Leadership
  • Influence, Persuasion and Negotiation
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Project Management

A minor in Leadership will help to prepare you for a career that will make a difference to you, your community and your employer. 

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Physical Forensics Minor and Specialization

Specialize or Minor in Physical Forensics and combine your knowledge of human anatomy with knowledge of forensic science and forensic laboratory methods, a valuable asset to many fields, including health care, law enforcement and justice, social work and human rights advocacy.

You’ll develop scientific knowledge in forensics, including: 

  • DNA analysis
  • Trace evidence and toxicology
  • Laboratory experience
  • Forensic techniques that are used at crime scenes and in laboratories

Students in the BASc Community Health can specialize in Physical Forensics. The minor in Physical Forensics is available for students in the Community Health (BA) and Health Administration (BA) programs.

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Law Degree (LLB at University of Sussex, UK) and Arts Degree (BA at Laurier)

Laurier signed an agreement to affiliate with one of the world’s top 100 educational institutions to offer students an opportunity to earn a Laurier Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree and a law degree (LLB) from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom (UK), in 6 years.

New for 2020: You can complete this program with a BA in Humanities with Leadership Foundations.

This program is available with a BA in Criminology, Law & Society, Human Rights & Human Diversity or Humanities With Leadership Foundations. 

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Humanities with Leadership Foundations (BA)

Combine a traditional arts education with leadership in this interdisciplinary program, the only one of its kind in Ontario. Learn and understand the various ways that different disciplines ask and attempt to answer society’s big questions. You will gain leadership skills needed to inspire, motivate and bring meaningful change. Find yourself prepared to take on more advanced leadership roles in your career and life. 

Learn more about the Humanities with Leadership Foundations program.

Psychology (BA) Forensic Psychology Specialization

We offer a direct-entry specialization in Forensic Psychology, which provides a broad overview of psychology with an added focus on the role of psychology in the criminal justice system. 

The Forensic Psychology Specialization is open to all psychology students at our Brantford campus to enhance their degree and add to their credentials. 

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User Experience Design (BDes)

User experience (UX) designers are trained professionals who understand how to make sure the entire experience that a person has with a product, service, environment or message is a positive one. These professionals are in high demand and are valuable in a wide range of industries, including retail, medicine, technology, finance, education and government.

Laurier’s approach to UX goes beyond designing for the web and extends to the design of 3D and immersive environments, as well as the design of processes and services. Most classes are hands-on and offer opportunities to work on real-world problems with established companies, startups and community groups. 

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Program Changes

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Laurier’s BSW program has received its accreditation from the Canadian Association of Social Work Education. Current and future students will be eligible to apply for membership in the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers upon graduation.

Community Health (BASc)

Laurier has decided to strategically change the name of our BASc Public Health program to BASc Community Health. This means we offer a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Community Health and a Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree in Community Health.

We’re changing the BASc Public Health to BASc Community Health to offer students the same comprehensive perspective offered by our BA Community Health program, which uses social, cultural, historical, economic and political factors to explain why some people are healthier than others.

What makes the BASc Community Health program different is that students also study the biological sciences and their impact on population health. The new program name better reflects what students are studying and the field they are preparing to work in, and it will expand their potential career opportunities.

Digital Media & Journalism (BA)

Students have a new opportunity to participate in Laurier courses and earn a certificate in Media Production.

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