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Virtual Open House

Virtual Open House is from February 22 and running until the end of April. We’re offering a ton of virtual events and on-demand content

Event Highlights 

  • Weekly open houses for each faculty
  • New program information and videos
  • Fun, interactive activities to get to know Laurier students, staff and faculty
  • Information presentations and videos about admissions, campus and student services
  • Virtual campus tours

Event Reminders 

If you’re an applicant, you’ll receive updates and invites automatically. If you haven’t applied yet, sign up for our emails so that you don’t miss a thing. 

 Faculty Open Houses 

  • February 22-27: Lazaridis School of Business and Economics (Waterloo and Brantford) 
  • March 8-13: Faculties of Science and Music (Waterloo) 
  • March 22-27: Faculty of Arts (Waterloo) 
  • April 5-10: Faculties of Human and Social Sciences, Liberal Arts and Social Work (Brantford) 
  • April 19-23: International Open House 

Can’t attend during your week? We’ll post all recordings of live content so you can watch them at your convenience. 

"April Break Break" 

We’re hosting a “April Break Break" April 12-17 so you can focus on fun, inspiring activities that get you excited about Laurier. 

Dates & Times

February 22, 2021April 24, 2021

Various times