New Programs

Arts – Interdisciplinary Studies

Imagine a degree as individual as you. Learn a little about a lot or a lot about what you love with the most flexible Bachelor of Arts we’ve ever offered. Customize your studies to capture your own unique combination of interests within the Faculty of Arts or across campus. Do a 3-year BA or a 4-year BA – it’s all good. Be creative. Be ambitious. Be your best self with the BA made just for you.

Data Science

Every day all over the world, large amounts of data are generated by business, scientific and social activities. Therefore, data-driven approaches to decision-making in areas as diverse as medicine, business, sports, advertising and entertainment are now essential. Data Science is the study, application and development of methods to learn from this data in order to understand, predict and make improvements in management strategies, products, services, advertising campaigns, public health and safety and many other areas. These methods combine elements of mathematics, computer science and statistics. Students in this program will obtain significant practical “hands-on” experience through various projects and a Data Science Laboratory.

Environmental Geoscience

Investigate Earth as a professional environmental geoscientist and understand environmental interactions between geology, biology and hydrology. This program integrates the Environmental Science and Geology programs in one multidisciplinary stream that balances biology and chemistry-oriented courses with solid Earth-based courses. You will acquire a wide range of expertise in the environmental interactions between solid Earth, the biosphere, the atmosphere and the oceans. The combination of analytical courses and frequent field trips gives you hands-on exposure to all aspects of environmental geoscience. The final year involves an independent research project or equivalent units (credits) in advanced environmental geoscience courses in your specialization. Students who follow the suggested course sequence can meet professional accreditation requirements of the Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario (APGO) and the Ordre des géologues du Québec (OGQ).

Integrated Food Sciences

The Honours Bachelor of Integrated Food Sciences, the first of its kind in Canada, is an innovative multidisciplinary program delivered jointly by the University of Ottawa and Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa. The program prepares you to take on leadership roles in any industry where food innovation plays a key role, including health care, education, hospitality or research and development. You will have a broad, comprehensive understanding of food preparation and nutrition practices, with an emphasis on the needs of clients with special dietary requirements, and will be ready to lead and offer guidance in commercial establishments and institutional settings.