Offers of Admission

Basic Requirements for Admission

Ryerson University offers 2 types of programs:

  • Grades-Only programs select students on the basis of academic performance.
  • Grades-Plus programs select students on the basis of academic performance plus non-academic requirements, such as auditions, interviews, portfolios, essays, etc. If distance does not permit travel to Ryerson, selection methods may include telephone interviews, video auditions, mail-in questionnaires and/or essays. Non-academic requirements are generally due by the Guaranteed Consideration Date (February 1). However, it is important that you do not submit non-academic requirements until after you have actually submitted your application for admission and have received your Ryerson Student Number. Your Ryerson Student Number must be included on all non-academic requirements you submit.

Minimum admission requirements (subject to change):

  • Completion of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
  • 6 Grade 12 U/M courses with a minimum overall average of 70%.
  • ​All programs also stipulate specific prerequisite subject requirements. Grades required for admission are determined on the basis of competition each year.

A minimum overall average of 70% in 6 Grade 12 U/M courses establishes your eligibility to apply for admission. Ryerson receives more applications than spaces available. Possession of the minimum requirements, averages and/or grades does not guarantee admission. The overall average and subject-specific grades required for each program depend on competition each year, and admission is offered to the best qualified candidates.

For current Ontario high school applicants, Ryerson may use Grade 11 results in the early admission selection process. You must have completed, or be currently completing, your program’s admission requirements at the time you apply.

All fall 2021 applicants, including those given an early or conditional offer of admission, are required to successfully complete all admission requirements by June 30, 2021 (unless otherwise stated). In many cases, this will exclude the possibility of using summer school, night school, virtual school, correspondence and/or distance education courses completed after this date to meet admission requirements. However, some Ryerson programs may consider extensions beyond June 30, 2021.

Read more about admission requirements.

Failed and Repeated Courses

We will calculate your overall average using the final marks from your best 6 Grade 12 U/M courses, which may include repeated/upgraded course marks.

Timing and Process for Admission Decisions

We anticipate that the majority of decisions will be made between February and the end of May 2021 based on application processing time frames and timelines for evaluating non-academic requirements.

February 1, 2021, is the Guaranteed Consideration Date for all programs.

Subject to space availability in programs, applications, amendments and supporting documents may continue to be reviewed after the Guaranteed Consideration Date for fall admission. Some part-time undergraduate programs also accept applications for the winter and spring terms. Visit our Application Dates page for details.

The presentation of admission averages on OUInfo are estimates only and are subject to change. Find further information in Ryerson's Official Undergraduate Calendar(s).