New Programs

  • Honours Arts Co-op – Students applying to Honours Arts can now add co-op to their degree. Co-op is now available for all 23 Honours Arts majors.
  • New minors: Event Management, Tourism, and Economic Theory (available to all Waterloo students).
  • Admission changes in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
    • Health Studies: Now also requires a 4U English (minimum 70% is required) and a 4U Math (minimum 70% is required)
    • Public Health: Now also requires a 4U Math (minimum 70% is required)
    • Kinesiology: Now also requires a 4U English (minimum 70% is required)

Program Changes

  • Biostatistics replaces Statistics for Health (Faculty of Mathematics).
  • Women's Studies has been renamed Gender and Social Justice to better reflect the content of the program (Faculty of Arts).

Admission Updates

  • The Admission Information Form is now required for admission in all Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Mathematics programs.
  • The Geography and Aviation program and the Science and Aviation program now require English (ENG4U – minimum 70%).
  • All Faculty of Science programs now require English (ENG4U – minimum 70%).
  • If you would like to be considered for a co-op program, you must check the co-op box on your application.