New Programs

Human Rights Studies

Human Rights Studies is a new collaborative degree program that integrates approaches from across the disciplines to provide students with critical understanding of, and experience in, the growing field of human rights.

Students will engage with expert faculty and practitioners on a wide range of topics related to the origins and development of human rights, and to their contemporary application in various fields of study and practice, including law, education, journalism, humanitarian relief and law enforcement.

Your experiences in studying Human Rights at King’s will prepare you to recognize and understand the variety of rights violations you will encounter throughout your lifetime. As an educator, as a law enforcement officer, as a politician, a policy-maker, a lawyer, an artist or a health-care worker – the ability to fulfill your mandate in all areas of service to humanity will be enhanced by the knowledge, skills and experience you will acquire in this area of study. In acknowledging human rights, their power and their fragility, we become fully human.

Minor in Analytics and Decision Sciences

Analytics and Decision Sciences is an interdisciplinary minor focusing on the intersection between data and decision making. The mathematical foundation includes matrix algebra, calculus, and statistics. Business, cognitive science and philosophy are also foundational subjects. 

The ADS Minor will appeal to students who like solving puzzles, coding and working with numbers, as well as students drawn to management, business and/or social sciences. Students will benefit from the concrete career skills and experiential learning with extensive labs, tutorials and projects.

The ADS minor can be combined with any module, allowing for the completion of, for example, a psychology or philosophy honors specialization with a minor in analytics. Combinations with an economics or MOS (management) module would create a very quantitatively-oriented program, such as finance with analytics or accounting with analytics.