New Programs

New Certificate and Diploma in Critical Securities Studies

Starting in September 2019, King's will be offering a Critical Securities Studies diploma and certificate program, the first of its kind in Canada, allowing students to study such diverse topics as terrorism, war and peace, security and dystopias. While not every course will include travel, there will be elements of experiential and hands-on learning in many.

Critical Security Studies will be offered at King’s as both a certificate and diploma program. Both programs require students to take 5 of the offered courses. The certificate program can be taken by undergraduate students while the diploma program can be taken by post-graduate students.

Successful graduates of the course could work with CSIS, the RCMP, CBSA, NATO or Interpol, as well as a number of NGOs and in academia. Critical Security Studies has also drawn interest from those who want to study non-government agency advocacy, the legal field, border security, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) aviation security, or environmental or Indigenous issues.

New Certificate and Diploma in Refugees, Migration and Forced Displacement

Starting in September 2019, King’s will offer a certificate and diploma in Refugees, Migration and Forced Displacement through the Social Justice and Peace Studies (SJPS) department.

Both the certificate and diploma programs require students to take 5 courses (from a wide range) related to immigration, migration and refugee experiences. The certificate program can be taken by undergraduate students, while the diploma program is designed to meet the needs of post-graduate students.

This program will engage students on issues of global migration, but focus specifically on those challenges and opportunities for local communities that are welcoming newcomers. The emphasis within the course of study for both the certificate and diploma is on the application of theory to social practice. Students will have opportunities for community placements with organizations who are serving newcomers (immigrant, migrant and refugee) in Southwestern Ontario. Both at the local and international level, students will have the opportunity to get a wide range of experiences with professionals and organizations working in different capacities related to immigration, migration and forced displacement.

Program Changes

Continential Philosphy changed now to Social and Political Thought (SPT)

Social and Political Thought (SPT) is an interdisciplinary program that explores contemporary issues and events of global importance from several different and engaged perspectives. Students are invited to examine the deeper, often hidden and obscured structures that give shape to our present-day society. We examine how our sense of self and our experience of others and the world are conditioned by social, legal, political, economic, military and psychological forces of power. These forces of power not only produce societal orders, they also are the source of violence, aggression and conflict. SPT’s interdisciplinary focus gives students the unique possibility of understanding how concepts and imagined ends or goals of human power and desire come to shape and form the sense of ourselves, how we view others and how we organise and build our worlds.