New Programs

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

The Creative Writing program offers a studio-based approach to the exploration of writing that incorporates the study and appreciation of literature as artistic creation. It includes the study of literary culture and literary art practices and production. The degree emphasizes the practice, writing craft, and production of spoken, visual and verbal texts, and experimental language forms that exist both inside and outside established genres.

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Program Changes

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking & Publications

To formalize and solidify the collaboration between 2 programs, we have merged our Printmaking and Cross-Disciplinary Art: Publications into a new interdisciplinary and well-rounded program. The Printmaking & Publications major will officially begin in September 2020.The merger of these programs allows for more exciting and cohesive learning outcomes for students.

The new program is designed to connect students and allow for more open thinking and networking between those who would previously work in different practices. The combining of the 2 programs connects students to local printmaking and publication conferences, exhibitions and working studios, as well as industry professionals.

Students will also be a part of field trips, visiting residences, festivals, and trade shows in both the printmaking and publications sector. Community involvement will allow for better networking for students throughout the program.

This new, exciting merger of the programs will help to integrate and combine the individual focuses from both programs and bring them together. The key areas of focus are entrepreneurship, community engagement, multi-faceted career paths, technical and professional competencies, and more open pathways within the program and courses.

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Admission Updates

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