Note: Since the University of Ottawa – Saint Paul University is a bilingual university, the information it has provided is in either English or French, based on the language of the program.


New Programs

Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation

The first of its kind in Canada, the School of Social Innovation gives students the opportunity to study the various means available to communities to resolve problems they are facing.

The School’s programs are intended for students at the beginning of their journey, as well as professionals who are interested in learning about social innovation, and allows them to develop a strong foundation in this constantly evolving field.

Structured in a logical way that values the relationship between theory and practice, the programs help to develop the primary analytical frameworks and encourage practical approaches regarding organizational and collective action methods.

The programs of the Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation offer the following qualifications: a Certificate in Social Innovation, an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Social Innovation, a Graduate Diploma in Social Organization Development a a Master of Arts in Social Innovation, and a Ph.D. in Social Innovation.

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Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Ethics and Contemporary Social Issues 

Offered by the Faculty of Philosophy, the Public Ethics undergraduate program provides a basic understanding of the major ethical issues within contemporary society, and of ethical problems in such areas as religion, politics, health, business, communications, justice, environment, public affairs, etc. Applying key ethical theories, students analyze these issues, identify their inherent values and conflicts, and suggest possible solutions to these ethical dilemmas. 

During your studies you will explore the major fields and themes of philosophy and their related issues, in order to define, explain and clarify an ethical problem. You will also learn to communicate your knowledge effectively (in writing and orally), and to take a position on an ethical dilemma and suggest possible solutions. 

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Honours Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a Major in Faith, Ethics and Justice

The BA in Faith, Ethics and Justice provides a multifaceted approach to exploring Christian faith, the human experience, and the challenges of pursuing a more humane and just society. Whatever your background, you will find a place in this program to explore these questions in a fresh, open and inviting way.

This program will help you develop a well-rounded foundation for understanding scripture, navigating the dynamics of spiritual and emotional life, exploring personal purpose and meaning, and even thinking more clearly and deeply about God and the world.   

During your studies, you will also learn how to connect your insights to contemporary challenges facing the Church and society — including in the areas of ecology, technology, economics, and health. Through this practical approach, you will gain an ability to think critically, act ethically and communicate effectively.

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